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Reflexology is a complementary therapy providing a gentle, relaxing treatment working on the feet and should not be mistaken as a general foot massage. Reflexology is a natural holistic approach using the anatomical layout of the body with the feet representing each side. Tenderfeet Reflexology in Sawbridgeworth provide soothing treatments to help ease unpleasant symptoms such as:

- Stress
- Anxiety
- Digestive Problems
- Hormonal Imbalances
- Sleep Disorders
- Sinus Problems
- Sport Injuries


Hi. My name is Samantha (Sam to all my family and friends) and I run a small reflexology practice called Tenderfeet in Sawbridgeworth and surrounding areas. Reflexology has been a way of life for me for over 2 decades, which started when a family friend who practiced reflexology introduced me to the wonders and benefits reflexology can bring to others.

I am a fully qualified reflexology practitioner trained at the Bayly School of Reflexology and a member of the British Reflexology Association. I hope you find my reflexology website useful and please feel free to contact me on 07762 773979.

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Pain Therapy Management

Pain is the body's way of letting you know that what you are doing maybe harmful. It is estimated there are 7,000 nerve endings in each foot. Reflexology helps stimulate these nerve endings and the central nervous system. By careful placement of the reflexologist hands the practitioner is able to massage the feet which can increase cirucalation, boost energy allowing the body to heal and rebalance.

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Relaxation Development

Reflexology is a proven method to help people relax and allow any physical or mental tension to be released. By applying gentle pressure to the feet causes a stimulus process throughout the body allowing the person to relax and induce a state of of increased calmness. Reflexology naturally soothes your mind and body enabling it to relax, allowing all the stresses of daily life filter away. With regular reflexology treatments sleep patterns improve restoring a peaceful and restful nights sleep.

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Menopausal Treatments

Reflexology is an effective natural treatment to relieve the symptoms of menopause. Studies have shown reflexology on menopausal women offers a reduction in hot flushes and improvements in sleep and other related issues. Regular reflexology treatments can support both physical and mental imbalances brought on by the menopause.

Tenderfeet Treatments

Tenderfeet Reflexology treatments help your mind and body relax and overcome the stress and anxieties of daily life. I tailor treatments to suit every individual, whether you want to try a taster session, receive the occasional one off treatment or prefer to block book a number of treatment sessions.

N.B. Reflexology is not an alternative to seeking medical help. Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe or claim to cure. They are there to support your journey.

A Better You

Reflexology - create a healthier and happier you.


I am able to offer pre-arranged visits to any location within a 30 minute drive of Sawbridgeworth. Pricing is based upon an hourly service including a consultation period. I can also organise taster sessions at a nominal fee, single treatments at a fixed fee or for regular customers a flexible cost effective options.

Taster Sessions - £ 25

Not sure if Reflexology is for you? Get to understand the benefits of Reflexology with one time offer and treatment session. See what difference it can make

  • Consultation
  • 20 minute treatment

Single Treatments - £ 35

Book treatment sessions as and when it suits. Provides all the benefits to help heal the mind, soothe the body and free up any anxieties

  • Consultation
  • 45 minute treatment

Flexi Option - £ 175

Save money with our Flexi Option tailored to provide 6 sessions for the price of 5 (20% saving). Benefit with improved wellbeing, relaxation and sleep patterns

  • Money saving feature
  • 45 minute treatment


These are just some of the testimonial patients have kindly forwarded to Tenderfeet Reflexology.

Not only is Sam a lovely person, she has a wonderful way of making you feel totally comfortable and relaxed. I was first introduced to Sam 6 months ago by my best friend who offered to pay for my first treatment as a birthday present. For years I have suffered sleepless nights to the point it was affecting my daily life. I was grumpy, generally unhappy and appeared moody all the time. My friend had noticed my decline and suggested I have a reflexology treatment. For years my friend had frequently mentioned how her well-being had improved after each reflexology treatment. Being rather sceptical, I attend Sam's Sawbridgeworth clinic.
The treatment was so relaxing and that night I had the best night sleep in years. I've since being back for more reflexology treatments and 4 months on I now get a full 7 hours of sleep a night and I am full of beans, rushing about and happy all day long. Reflexology is the best thing I've discovered, thanks to my best friend.

Sue D, Regular Customer

Tenderfeet Reflexology improved the symptoms of my IBS after 3 sessions. I feel so much better and I continue to have a regular sessions each month. It is money well spent, considering I have paid out a small fortune on other types of treatments. Not only has my IBS got better, I also feel a lot less stressed and can deal with things in a controlled manner. I strongly believe reflexology works.
I would highly recommend Sam and suggest giving her a telephone call if you have stomach troubles.

Linda P, Regular Customer

I'd used to regularly get painful headaches caused by stress and emotional tension. The headaches would last for days and got so severe I'd end up suffering a migraine and end up in bed. The shooting head pains I'd suffer started to erode my quality of life leading me to stay in the house for days on end. The medical profession simply diagnosed early menopause. At 33 years of age this didn't feel right. I knew Sam through our pilates classes and the teacher explained Sam is a qualified reflexologist with the British Reflexology Association. A brief online search quickly revealed how effective reflexology can be for headaches.
I took the bold step of booking 4 sessions with Sam and my headaches are now a thing of the past.

Judy T, Regular Customer

For some strange reason I develop very sore feet and by the end of the day would swell beyond belief. Sam who often treats my wife aliments with her reflexology, listen to my wife complaining about me moaning about my sore feet. Within the hour I was sitting in Sam's chair, my feet being what I call pressure treated and immediatley felt what seemed like a release of endorphins or something racing up from my feet. By the end of the session the soreness had subsided. For 3 continous weeks Sam treated my feet and now the swelling and soreness has completely gone.
I find reflexology treatment very relaxing and after each evening session I always get a great nights sleep. Thank you Sam.

Peter F, Regular Customer


As a practicing reflexologist based in Sawrbrigeworth running my own business called Tenderfeet. I often get asked what is reflexology all about and how does it improve people's life style choices and well-being. As Tenderfeet reflexology business grows I will be updating my blog on useful articles that offers an insight in to how reflexology can work for you.

I hope you will find my Tenderfeet reflexology website useful.

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Sleep well tonight

Reflexology treatments will help those who suffer insomnia or a poor nights sleep will see improved benefits with regular treatments. Poor sleepers tend to be those who are stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by busy life schedules and daily routine. With regular reflexology treatments, a reduction in blood pressure, anxiety and adrenaline will help improve both the body and mind, leading to a prolonged and deep sleep.

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Why good feet management works wonders!

Reflexology is an ancient art and complementary therapy in providing relief and relaxation. By manipulating parts of the feet in line with the anatomical layout of the body, a sense of total relaxation can be achieved. Reflexology naturally soothes your mind and body enabling it to relax, allowing all the stresses of the daily life filter away. With regular reflexology treatments sleep patterns improve restoring a peaceful and restful nights sleep.

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Will Reflexology improve my circulation?

As we mature and age, our circulation can become lethargic. Good blood circulation is the body's way of transporting oxygen and vital nutrients to every single part of the body. Not only does the body's circulation system provide essential pathways for blood to travel, it also clears away unwanted toxins and materials.

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If have any questions or would like to talk to openly about the benefits of reflexology, feel free to contact Sam on 07762 773979

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